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Safe Breaker Spy Game

Safe Breaker Spy Game

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This innovative electronic game challenges players to use their spy skills and memory to crack the code to a safe and collect the coins. Pick a card from the pack and turn the safe combination to the number. Next use the fingerprint scanner to test the number. If a green light is revealed the safe will release 3 pieces of treasure. A red light means the safe will give a clue to help deduce the correct entry number. Connect the spy listening gear to hear the clue – is it higher or lower than the number already tried?
The winner is the one that gets the most treasure. Beware of the police coins, one of these mean the alarm has been raised and the player must return the treasure to the safe! 

Safe Breaker Spy Game

Item#: ZING YL016

UPC: 854543007008

Min Order: 4 pcs


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Safe Breaker Spy Game